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2015 global lighting industry trends

Since 2014 lighting lighting industry has experienced run road tide and wave of mergers and acquisitions, such as listed, integration, Baotuan heating. In 2014, industry will be this year's lighting lighting industry is a tough winter, standing on the intersection of winter, don't want to be the shackles and ask where? In the new year, LED lighting will have what popular change it?

1, a small American in 2015, a small American will continue to sell. To "American copper" as a leader, small of the American gradually diversified and the formation of small climate material, there is no lack of resin, copper craft, wrought iron, more diverse styles, closer to the Chinese commercial 2 8 meters tall and in the end consumers. The original meaning of the European style lights are three: European, American, american.

2, the new Chinese New Chinese style to become a dark horse, a strong trend. New Chinese broke through the old Chinese wooden, 4 pieces of parchment, ceramics, bamboo, the material with aluminum, marble, iron, combines elements of Chinese and western, more modern and fashionable by young consumers and designers love. Rich color (light to known), modern style, good texture is a common selling point of this type of lighting. Analysis of the 15 epidemic trend of global lighting industry in 2015

3, the traditional Chinese lantern at the same time, the traditional Chinese lantern from a long history of Chinese traditional culture and home culture to absorb nutrition, technology is more traditional, more penetrating power. This product can win the rich minority of consumers. The general lighting with mahogany, rosewood, rosewood and other high-end furniture collocation sales. On behalf of the brand has laiyunda herine, etc..

4, modern simple lighting modern minimalist fashion home lighting has become mainstream products, the traditional home lighting gradually decline. Bread lamp, light source products as the core of the traditional home from the beginning of 2003 to gradually decline, the majority of second and third line brands store survival difficult, and minimalist fashion home gradually favored, on behalf of the brand is loose, the new Terri, I met other.

5, low-voltage lamp low-voltage lamp products 2015 although not too popular, but still remain locally popular.

6, crystal lamp crystal lamp in 2015 to continue to tilt to the direction of fashion, style and style are more diverse, more prominent decorative effects more market. 2015, material combination of crystal lamp is more abundant, 24K gold, copper, glass, jade have become crystal lamp combination of elements, not only elegant and stylish atmosphere on behalf of the brand have Baohui, JINDA, Qilang, Kaiyuan. The traditional Huang Shuijing share continues to shrink, but the combination of the Buddhist context and the aesthetic of the classic style is still popular.

7, commercial lighting commercial lighting products all LED has no doubt, but no one can dominate the arena of commercial lighting products. Because the business environment is very broad and complex, the demand for products vary widely, so the trend of the largest of the 2015 business according to the best differentiation. Clothing, jewelry, lighting lighting, hotel lighting lighting, lighting and fruit food, This is not the only one. Who work in the field of subdivision, who will live very moist!

8, LED street lamp, the overall share of the past two years the overall downward trend, but in 2015 there will be appropriate growth, but the competition is still very intense, the cake will be reduced to a manufacturer. From the market trend, the Midwest market potential is greater.

9, high power integrated COB and modular products, so that LED quickly become the mainstream of industrial lighting. Therefore, in 2015, the replacement of the traditional industrial and mining lamp LED.

10, special lighting, special lighting, medical lighting, plant growth lights, automotive and aviation lighting is a huge cake in the area of space

11, office office lighting lighting will usher in a huge space for development, LED panel lights, lamp belt products are widely used for office space, quickly occupy the status of the grille. Because of people's demand for office environment comfort is becoming higher and higher, see no light should be the development trend of the next 10 years.

12, OTO mode of market sales mode in the profound changes, OTO+ chain + membership will become the mainstream in the next 10 years. 2015, can be seen as the first year of the world lighting industry OTO model.

13, intelligent lighting intelligent lighting is one of the two major areas of the future 10 years of lighting industry with the same great opportunities in OTO. Intelligent lighting has been in 2014, 2015 will gradually blossom.

14, mergers and acquisitions and integration have been in 2014 2015 will begin to display one's talent, continuous fermentation. 2015 M & A will focus on vertical integration of industrial chain.

15, all the chips will be the rapid rise of the public to raise the dream tool. Lighting lighting industry will continue to differentiate, a part of the enterprise to do segmentation, focus on doing fine, and some companies even focus on OEM for large enterprises. Another part of the business will not be complacent, not by conventional card, through Baotuan investment quickly put the dishes.

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