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2015 LED lighting industry to win the world

In 2014, LED lighting industry, both as a "bloody", and "brilliant". 2015 has quietly come, this year is expected to will be the year of LED technology, looking ahead to 2015, talked about the 2015 LED lighting industry development direction.

Smart home by holding good small and medium enterprises

This year, the lighting industry products will be the direction of development, this is very difficult to say clearly, but smart home lighting will be sought after by the market in a short period of time, and the market will gradually expand the project, because the government has given strong support for the application of LED.

The current intelligent lighting control system is mainly based on the use of sensors and remote control and other remote control, so that the light can meet the needs of people at any time, to create a more comfortable, safe, healthy, and changing light environment. On the technical level, there will not be much change, will continue in 2014, the development trend. In the appearance of the product, style, the overall effect will be further upgraded. At the channel level, large enterprises channels to open up more, burden, faced with the dilemma will gradually increase, and small and medium enterprises to open up channels for specific, so future situation will slowly turn for the better. At the application level, it will tend to the field of automotive and home appliances, and thus broaden the application of LED products market.

Application of product specialization and differentiation

This year will be led from immature to mature development of the year, the technology improvement and innovation to more consumers trust and recognition from the LED lighting products, and led the continuous self-improvement will make it to occupy a larger market.

LED industry stocks or into a hot spot

Market capital flows show that the current hot money is to catch small amplification trend. Among them, the small cap varieties of LED shares may become the short-term hot industry. It is understood, led prices have been from $32.30 in early 2014 / 1000 lumens, down to $27.90 by the end of 2014 / 1000 lumens, a decrease of 13.62%. LED general lighting products prices may fall below the marginal cost of energy-saving lamps, so that the end completely occupied the lighting market. General lighting of the LED era has been established, and began to enter the fast growing period of an average of 30%. Investors are advised to LED industry in the field of photoelectric, Abison, optoelectronics, Jufei and other stocks more attention.

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