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LED lighting products rose sharply

LEDinside latest statistics show that in December last year, China to replace LED 40W light bulb retail price rose 4.5 to $8.8% in November, the retail price of 60W light bulbs for the replacement of LED lamp 12.9% U.S. dollars rose 12.4 to $14, the largest increase in the year. Although the price of $18.1 and $9.5 compared with the beginning of last year, there are 48% and 20% of the decline, but the recent rise in the price of the lower reaches of the upstream chip and packaging companies greater bargaining space, industry boom is expected to rise again.

Global lighting industry has entered a new era of LED lighting, China's LED lighting products production of about 1670000000, significantly over the early forecast of 1320000000, of which commercial lighting blowout growth, public lighting is growing rapidly, home lighting began to start, the total sales volume of about 16.4%, LED lighting products market share has risen to 750000000, compared with 8.9% in 2013, the market share of 84%.

Although 12 months is the traditional off-season, but Baihong, Lunda, Huaxing and packaging company revenue appeared to rebound trend. Chip manufacturers crystal power also said that inventory digestion into the end, the downstream replenishment stocks start, and there is a rush, the first quarter of 2015 will show the low season is not weak trend. Lighting companies Hongli opto electronic said that last year the market demand for LED lighting is good, the company increased marketing efforts to maintain stable growth in LED lighting, the annual net profit will than last year over the same period increased 35% - 55%, de haorun amounts also said that in the capacity utilization rate of rise of the background, with the previous year compared to the same period will be profitable.

From the current policy situation, the government to provide subsidies or tax incentives to the MOCVD equipment or will be terminated. At the end of last year, the MOCVD equipment has reached 1300 units, the cost of imported MOCVD to reach hundreds of billions of dollars, while the local government financial subsidies, often to account for more than 50% of the cost of imports. On the one hand, the abolition of financial subsidies for new entrants in the LED industry will have a greater negative impact, on the other side, for a certain capacity of enterprises is a big positive.

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