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LED industry in the future delivery

At the end of the year, the city of Shenzhen began to cool, but not to resist the enthusiasm of every LED industry practitioners. 2014 the annual December LED spot of annual meeting activity, Shenzhen crystal Co., Ltd. General Manager Gong Wen Mr. seat unscripted speech, causing heated debate.

At this stage of LED industry in a certain extent, it is in a period of adjustment, the newcomers in droves and capital influx, some enterprises incremental not to increase profit situation, part of the small and micro enterprises began to "hungry". Recently, the collapse of the industry Run away sound is ringing in the ear, as if the time has come to the industry reshuffle. For such a variety, the general manager of the crystal units in the speech at the beginning of the speech, said: "I do 18 years of LED to 2008 founded the company, so for many years, I have invested every penny of the shares, every penny to LED this industry, I put the best 18 years of my life dedicated to the LED industry, it can be said that I was the most hope, the most anticipated LED industry forever." Between words reveals the love and hope for the LED industry.

LED industry has not imagined so bad

LED is a sunrise industry, for the current problems should be rational view, in the era of economic globalization, the LED industry can not be attributed to the problem LED. LED industry is a member of the world economic family, which will inevitably be affected by the global economic recovery difficult, just as the general manager of the crystal Taiwan shares Gong Wen said: This is not just the LED industry will encounter such a problem, the entire world economy has encountered such a problem".

Each industry in the development will integrate eliminated, development, integration, again out of the process, no development of any industry is easy, this is a common problem, the baptism of each industry from the ashes is a necessary process.

Meeting, the crystal stake in Taiwan general manager Gong Wen Mr. said LED lighting is full of hope: "one is application of LED in fact is very broad, led in many segments are very much application, indoor and outdoor, car, flashlight, reading lamp, road, health illumination, waiting for agricultural lighting, many market segments need deep. Two is the replacement rate of LED is still very low, the global range is less than 10%, and 10 times the market growth space. Three is the germination of intelligent lighting, for the creation of a new blue ocean LED lighting. Including the future of intelligent lighting and optical communication, each revolution will bring a new replacement craze. If we continue to develop a new blue ocean, new business areas, then we continue to broaden the field of lighting, and that the market is not 1 trillion, 2 trillion, 10 or even 3 trillion market.

The lack of opportunity is the eyes of the discovery of opportunity

Industry appears such or such a problem, in fact, with the enterprise itself has a great relationship, the key to the plight of the enterprise development lies in the positioning of the enterprise is not clear. Led the industry's annual output value will at the rate of not less than 30% of the soaring, incremental market is very attractive, but few companies clearly a huge cake belong to you is what part of the. Especially the majority of small and medium enterprises is basically follow the market, swim, chop and change "". The first step of China's LED industry leading enterprises are numbered, 90% of the enterprises are small and medium enterprises, how small and medium sized enterprises survival and development, is lie in front of the LED industry a major problem.

"Large enterprises have their characteristics, their decision-making process is relatively long, the reaction speed is relatively slow. Small and medium-sized enterprises can use the advantage of small boat U-turn to gain market." Crystal as a member of the LED industry, Mr. Wen Gong, general manager of crystal give advice and suggestions for the small and medium-sized enterprises with the practice of their own personal experience.

He continued: "in the location field has a called" focusing theory "and a called" chicken ribs "of the theory, is to find their own core competitiveness in where, go all out. "I wish turned into a wisp of laser, to defeat the radiant light of the sun" this is what we are going to focus on the meaning of; we have did not find large enterprises are reluctant to do, or where large enterprises do not want to spend all his energy to dry. This is our small businesses willing to come in and look at the place. No matter what, small businesses to find their own positioning." This is not depletion theory, but the genuineness of the experience, crystal benefit in positioning precision, at present has already become LED display area at the top of the package device manufacturers and suppliers, this is because the professional, also because of the power of concentration. Remark for small and medium enterprises can be described as a medicine, if the enterprises do not have the advantage of scale, but became king of the others can not match the segments, have their own unique things, also can yet be regarded as a wise strategy. In a nutshell, in the LED industry is not lack of opportunities, the lack of opportunity to find the eyes.

Then, Mr. Gong Wen, general manager of the company's shares in the three industry, the general existence of the problem is discussed in depth:

One, the low end of the game is not the best choice

In the LED industry, not only the product homogeneity is very serious, the business enterprise in the business model also fall to

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