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The enterprise culture

  vision: to create world-class brand LED lighting manufacturers and green companies in the domestic LED lighting applications market into three sectors, and became the first brand of energy-efficient lighting.

Business philosophy: people-oriented focus on innovation-driven industries modest win

core values: excellence in innovation shared responsibility

Innovation is the means

Today's society is a speed-changing world, globalization, information technology, networking and mobile Internet, the competition has become the era of big capital environment, prompting great need through technological innovation, product innovation, market innovation, management innovation, cultural innovation, business model innovation establishing excellent innovation system so excellent initiative to adapt to new industry constantly changes in the environment, find their place in the international industrial division of labor, and constantly enhance their competitiveness, access to sustainable, leaps and bounds.

Responsibility is fundamental

Responsibility to shareholders, employees responsibility for the customer's responsibility, social responsibility, environmental responsibility, the fundamental driving force and source of strength for the existence and development of excellent.

Sharing is power
Looking at the whole industry chain and various partners, constructed from top to bottom, from the inside out value of the network to ensure that all members of the value chain can gain significant value sharing, benefit sharing, collaborative management, it is an excellent challenges and the search for solutions and development of breakthrough thinking.

Excellence is the goal

The pursuit of excellence is not only an excellent standard of people's work, but also the great totem of the company's development, to build a world-class LED lighting companies and Chinese energy-saving lighting the first brand in the humanities for people living and green low-carbon urban construction continued contributions scientific development and harmonious development, bigger and stronger, is an excellent staunch pursuit.

marketing philosophy: to meet customer demand for customer success dream

Staff Code: dedicated and efficient pragmatic optimism, self-responsible for compliance with professional ethics of unity and cooperation to pursue higher goals

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