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corporate culture

◇This vision: to build a world-class LED lighting brand manufacturers and green company, in the domestic LED lighting applications market in the top three industries, and become the first brand of domestic energy-efficient lighting.

◇This business philosophy: focus on the industrial innovation driven moderate people-oriented win-win

◇This core value: innovation and excellence shared responsibility

Innovation is the means

Today's society is a rapid changing world, globalization, informatization, network and mobile Internet, capital competition has become the era of big environment, promote the excellent must through technological innovation, product innovation, market innovation, management innovation, culture innovation, business model innovation, establish a good system of innovation, constantly make excellent initiative to adapt to the change of industrial environment of new and find their own position in the international division of labor, enhance competition ability, get sustainable development by leaps and bounds.

Responsibility is fundamental

Responsibility to the shareholders, the responsibility to the staff, the responsibility to the customer, the responsibility to the society, the responsibility to the environment, is the basic power and power source of excellent existence and development.

Sharing is power

Focus on the whole industry chain and various partners, from the building from the inside out to the next, the value of the network, to ensure that all members of the value chain can get effective value sharing, benefit sharing, collaborative management, is an excellent solution to deal with challenges and seek breakthroughs and development thought.

Excellence is the goal

The pursuit of excellence is very beauty work standards, the development of the company to build the totem is excellent, LED lighting company of world-class and China energy-saving lighting in the first brand, continue to contribute to people's cultural life and green low-carbon city construction, scientific development, harmonious development, bigger and stronger, is an excellent Shizhibuyi pursuit.

◇This marketing concept: to meet customer demand, customer success dream

◇This staff code: responsible for optimistic dedication and efficient practical occupation moral self-discipline abide by the unity and cooperation of the pursuit of higher goals

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